Estonia company formation

Advantages of company formation in Estonia

  • Estonia is not blacklisted in any country
  • Commission for transactions in euros first year free
  • Bank employees communicate in different languages
  • Connection and service of merchant cheaper
  • The bank has the opportunity to convert currency at the exchange rate
  • The jurisdiction of the company coincides with the jurisdiction of the bank
  • In Estonia it is very easy and cheap to get a residence permit
  • Possibility of obtaining a tax residence certificate


There are several organizational and legal forms in Estonia:

Features of company formation in Estonia.

For company formation in Estonia you do not need monthly reports as taxable companies rent it once a year. Also there are no requirements for mandatory audit - it is carried out only for some. There are no limits to the amount of the authorized capital, and it can be formed within a year and even longer. In addition, it is about convenience as most formalities are performed by electronic means. What is more one director is enough in the management of the company, there are no residence requirements for the members of the management board (it is not necessary to be an Estonian citizen).

To start the formation process in Estonia, you should:

  1. Provide personal data and copies of documents;
  2. After all the necessary documentation, prepare documents for the notary and set the time and date;
  3. At the appointed time and date you will have to visit a notary.